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Frequently Asked Questions

NitechIPM has been manufacturing equipment for over 50 years and has placed stretch wrappers throughout the world.

We feel that to truly build a stretch wrapper that will last in the field you need the best manufacturing quality control. That's why every NitechIPM stretch wrapper is designed manufactured and tested 100% in our plant (many competitors sub-contract assemblies) Our stretch wrappers are built using only the heaviest duty structural steel and when it comes to the components, we use brand names that have become the standard in the industry. Quality components from Omron, Leeson, Potter Brumfield, Martensen, Honeywell, Sick, Microswitch, Morse, Diamond and Mc'Gill.

Very Affordable! All NitechIPM stretch wrappers are priced under $7,000.00 Most customers who wrap 5-25 pallets a day can find one of our standard machines that will fit their application. Our entry level turntable models start at $2,495 with semi- automatic machines that offer film savings and many other features priced below $6,400.00.

V = Variable Speed Turntable M= Motion Sensors
E = Economy Model (light capacity)
D = Deluxe Model (variable speed turntable, motion sensors, brake motor stretch)
HP = High Profile (loaded by Forklift)
LP = Low Profile (loaded by pallet jack or fork lift)
77205-VM = Variable Speed Turntable W/Motion Sensors
77205D-V = Deluxe W/Variable Speed Turntable
77201E-LPV = Low Profile W/Variable Speed Turntable (Economy model 4,000lb. cap.)
77205-LPVM = Low Profile W/Variable Speed Turntable & Motion Sensors
77205D-LPV = Deluxe Low Profile W/Variable Speed Turntable

Yes, NitechIPM stretch wrappers can be designed to wrap loads up to 10' tall and with extended bases for load dimensions greater than 120" diagonally. Nitech can also custom paint your stretch wrapper to the color you choose. Other finishes available include galvanized and powder coating.

NitechIPM stretch wrappers run on 110 volts and are ready to plug into the power supply when you receive the machine. When loaded a NITECH stretch wrapper will pull about 11 amps we recommend a 25-amp breaker. We can also modify our stretch wrappers to run at 220 volts 50/60 hertz if necessary.

All high profile machines with standard 6' mast are shipped fully assembled. If the stretch wrapper requires a taller mast the machine is shipped ready to assemble (RTA). When machines are shipped RTA the mast is laid across the turntable and will require the customer to bolt the mast to the base of the machine.

Absolutely Not! Our standard off the shelf components are readily available from local industrial suppliers. However with our 3-year warranty on all components, please call our customer service department and we will send you the part.

NItechIPM offers a 3-year warranty on 100% of the components used on every NITECH machine. Through years of rigorous testing you can be assured that NitechIPM uses quality name brand components that are designed to stand up in the field.

Stretch wrapping offers many advantages over other methods of packaging and securing products. This will depend on several circumstances such as volume, load configuration, production line efficiency and the type of stretch wrapper manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

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