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Stretch Wrapping Basics

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Stretch wrapping is a revolutionary method of packaging a wide variety of products using stretch film to increase productivity, protection and efficiency.

Stretch wrapping uses plastic stretch film to secure and contain products more productively and economically than in the past. Designed as a replacement for bulky and costly packaging methods such as tapes, crating, shrinking, corrugated cartons, metal and plastic strapping, plastic foams, and plastic bags.


Stretch wrapping can be divided into five distinct categories:


Compression packaging uses the load force of stretch film to tightly bind products together, forming a more compact, space-saving package. Products such as ready to assemble furniture, textiles and foam products.


Suspension packaging is used to secure heavy products of any shape to a stable platform. Common uses are to stabilize products such as motors and heavy mechanical components.


Protection provides products with surface protection from dirt, moisture, scratches and abrasive blows. Common uses are furniture, electronics and window assemblies


Stabilization provides stability for products that our transported short distances. Common uses include local deliveries and in-plant transporting


Unitization bundles many loose items together into a single unit load. Common uses include bagged product such as feed or seed, bottled beverages and corrugated boxes that range in size and shape.